Products under development

Cinacalcet Hydrochloride Calcimimetics
Clevidipine Calcium channel blockers
Eletriptan Serotonin receptor agonists
Glipizide Sulfonylureas
Indacaterol Adrenergic bronchodilators
Adrenergic bronchodilators
Olodaterol Adrenergic bronchodilators
R-Formoterol Adrenergic bronchodilators
Roflumilast PDE-4 inhibitors
Rotigotine Dopaminergic agents
Salmeterol Adrenergic bronchodilators
Solifenacin Succinate Anticholinergic agents
Tiotropium Bromide Anticholinergic bronchodilators
Trifluridine Antiviral
Tipiracil Anticancer (only if in combination with Trifluridine)

The aforementioned products shall not be used in any country where such products are covered by patents other than for research and development purposes, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including Article 10.6 of Directive 2001/83/EC and corresponding national provisions.

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We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality APIs to all of our customers, from the big multinationals to the smallest private company for local markets, being flexible to our customers’ special requirements.

Nevertheless we strictly follow the legislative rules and guidelines, in the total respect of all active patents.

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