Custom Manufacturing


We are always happy to be part of our customers’ projects from the very beginning.
Our pipeline can be dynamically rescheduled depending on our clients’ requirements for new products to be launched on the market. We offer our know-how, based on our expertise and technology, to strategically select the right APIs to be developed for an incisive marketing.
In strict accordance with the current rules and guidelines, we are flexible to “adjust” the offered products as per our customers’ needs, in terms of:

  • Additional analyses
  • Peculiar local legislative requirements
  • Technical prerequisites (e.g. particle size)
  • Other Pharmacopoeias monographs than EP, USP, BP or JP


We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality APIs to all of our customers, from the big multinationals to the smallest private company for local markets, being flexible to our customers’ special requirements.

Nevertheless we strictly follow the legislative rules and guidelines, in the total respect of all active patents.

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